The discord bot for stoners, by stoners.

From providing genuine and valuable information covering a wide range of your favorite indica's, sativa's and hybrid's to blasting the best hand picked tunes in your voice channels, Cannabot is the perfect addition to your community.


Why Cannabot in your community?

Strain Searching

With over 2000+ strains collected since 2019, Cannabot will surely have the strain you're looking for. And if not, well not to worry! The dev and mods are always open to adding your suggestions.


Cannabot doesn't just strain search, it provides information on various topics from the history, to cleaning your bong!


Stuck for cool recipes to make in your next batch of edibles? Not to worry, Cannabot has got you covered with a recipe collection with detailed instructions and easy to get ingredients.


Other music bots not cutting it for you? Check out the StonerFM, played only via Cannabot.

Made by a stoner, for stoners

The developer knows what you want, and he's always open to suggestions and improvements to make Cannabot even better.

Completely free, and it always will be

I swear to never force donations for the usage of Cannabot, it is free and it will remain this way forever.